Membership Categories

The society is formed by active, fellow, diplomate, and affiliate members.

Active members are chiropractic physicians actively involved in scientific research on conservative treatment or prevention of scoliosis and other spinal deformities, or devote a significant portion of their clinical practices to the conservative treatment of scoliosis. All new members who are D.C.s will enter as Active members.

Affiliate members are osteopathic and allopathic physicians, chiropractic students, physiotherapists, orthotists and other professionals dealing with scoliosis and other spinal deformities.

Fellow members are active members who have been voted by the ICSB Board to Fellow status based upon the following qualifications: peer-reviewed publication history,  ratio of scoliosis patients seen within private practice, length of time in clinical practice, innovation in scoliosis management, and postgraduate education history relative to scoliosis. Note: Diplomate status is not required to achieve Fellow status.

Diplomate members are those who have completed the 300-hour, 3 year board certification in comprehensive scoliosis management.


Membership rights and duties

  • Fellow and Diplomate members have the right to receive notice to attend and to vote at the business meetings of the ICSB, and to participate in the business affairs of the society.
  • In order to maintain membership status, Active, Fellow, and Diplomate members must participate actively during the scientific meetings of the ICSB, they should also submit to Journal of Scoliosis Rehabilitation (JSR), the Official journal of the ICSB, and must have at least one paper accepted every 2 years for either presentation at an ICSB meeting, or in JSR. In the absence of the journal, promotion to active membership can be considered by the ICSB Board for reasons like special contribution and/or long recognized experience in the field.
  • All members must contribute to the finances of the ICSB, being required to pay annual dues fixed by the Board.
  • Only Fellow and Diplomate members are eligible to be voted onto the ICSB Board.
  • Active and associate members can both join committees or be elected as committee chairs at the annual meeting.
  • Fellow and Diplomate members can petition to review the financial report offered by the Treasurer at each ICSB meeting.
  • Membership shall cease at the time of death.
  • Membership in the ICSB is not transferable or inheritable under any circumstances.
  • Membership applications shall be submitted to the Secretary of the ICSB for review and processing Applications for Active membership must be signed by one Fellow or Diplomate members. Active membership applications must also include a detailed curriculum vitae to verify postgraduate education and publication history.
  • The ICSB Secretary shall submit all applications for membership to the full Board for its consideration. Majority approval by the Board is required for Active membership.
  • Diplomate membership. Active members in good standing who complete the 300 hour board certification curriculum are eligible to sit for the Board Certification examination. Upon passing both parts of the examination, the member will be conferred Diplomate status (DICSB) once all appropriate fees are paid. Diplomate status is good for a 3-year period, during which specific continuing education requirements must be fulfilled to maintain Diplomate status. These requirements are available for review on the ICSB website.
  • Fellow membership. Active members in good standing may be granted Fellow status based upon several criteria: a) peer-reviewed publication history, b) scientific presentation history, c) clinical practice experience, d) innovation in scoliosis management, e) postgraduate education in scoliosis. A worksheet is available from the ICSB to evaluate your qualifications in this regard. If you are interested in attaining ICSB Fellow status, please contact the ICSB directly for this worksheet. If an active member meets these qualifications, the Board will vote for and confer Fellow status once all applicable fees are paid.  A simple majority vote by the Board is required to grant Fellow status.
  • Expulsion from membership. A member may be expelled from the ICSB, for any reason that the Board considers causative to this effect, passing majority Board vote. Expulsion shall be automatic if annual dues have not been paid for more than two years, or after two warnings about repeatedly being late, separated by three months.

Raising the Standards

The International Chiropractic Scoliosis Board is committed to raising the standards of scoliosis treatment in the Chiropractic profession to a unprecedented degree. The Chiropractic scoliosis experts of the future will provide a broad scope of treatment options that serve the needs of the patient and condition on a whole body basis and level, not just the spinal curvature.


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* Membership is required for course credits towards certification.


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